Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Development everywhere is here

After a very hectic couple of weeks to get all our resources together and uploaded onto CMS, our new webpages are now live! Here's a screenshot of the front page;

The website contains a range of resources in each of our four themes, including learning events, videos, books, web resources and useful guides. I would strongly encourage you to have a look at these resources, and also to share the link with colleagues.

There are two key things on the pages that I would like to highlight, firstly the Understanding how you learn page. There is a strong emphasis in Development Everywhere on taking personal responsibility for your own learning. This page gives you help and guidance with how to do this, by considering what it is you want to learn about, and your preferred method for learning. We are also looking to develop this page further by providing templates you can use, if you want, as a way to plan and structure your learning.

Which brings me nicely into the second thing I would like to highlight. Scattered liberally throughout the pages are requests for thoughts and feedback. We want the webpages to change and develop, so feedback is really important to us.

So what's next? The next big thing for me is a project to look at what the University might need from a learning management system. You're not rid of me yet!