Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Post it notes, post it notes everywhere

We had a team away morning today to start pulling together a project plan. Armed with coffees from Coffee Revolution, we set up camp in the Gallery in the Students' Union. Our first task was to think about all the different activities and ideas we had for how to achieve the aims of the project. We spent a fair bit of time brainstorming (if you want a bit more information on different brainstorming techniques, have a look at this website). This was the result:

A bit of a mess of ideas!

Using a piece of wallpaper that our manager (+Emily Hopkinson) had prepared earlier, we then fitted these activities and ideas onto a timetable, giving us the much more organised:

We were able to use this outline to put together a more detailed project plan, which we would work on more after the session.

This was a really fun and creative morning, and as a team we have got some great ideas of what we need to do immediately to get the project up and running. My first task is to start thinking about the kind of skills and development activities we should offer under the theme "How we create and innovate" (if you have any ideas or suggestions, please add them to the comments below). It is great to now have a sense of where we are going with the project, but there will be challenges along the way in identifying new and exciting ways of doing things.

If only there was some training on how to be creative and innovative on offer!